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legit ballers ark sz

once again, another trax productions
rush for the 9-8, mobsta elites
aint it a shame how we make ballin look so sweet
especially when you aint gotta hide your shit
you know what im sayin, you can just ball for free
campaignin your nation, in a legit demonstration
and gotta face incarceration
eh yo, liffy stokes, let em know whats happenin

[liffy stokes]
a nigga been hustlin so long, god knows ive done so much wrong
i was 16 grown and holdin chrome, servin blows, we in zones
my mom didnt understand me "boy, you gon die just like your daddy
from two to the head, dumped in the riverbed
i didnt to hurt you so badly," i was young and dumb
fast life sprung of the money and hoes that it brung
had a clip full of hollows to bring your momma sorrow
but now regret what ive done
dramas all in the game whether gang bang or slang
i had to do my thang
when the shots rang, thats when it clicks in my brain
all the shits the same
my nigga need a change, i had to get off out these streets
to get you out your seat
flip a trax beat, hit the crib and puff on a sweet
and let em feel something deep
deep so the realest can feel
how i felt right before i bust that steel
rappin bout my life of skrill
and the everyday struggles of a nigga in the chill

[chorus 2x]
come on and take a little trip with a legit balla
chi shot-callers (shot up the chrome and lets swang)
tigers all up in the wall
(some bitches in the back and a pocket full of scratch
take a match and spark up a little bud and get blown away)

this shit ive been tokin is potent
got me straight thinkin about takin mary jane and eloping
blowin smoke with the sunroof half-way opened
countercode with the scope in close range
i guess he gotta aim, and stick a few thangs in the niggas brain
no face straps (?) thinkin that he can
puttin food on table is an everyday strain
but now i did finally flip my shit legit
and workin a different angle of the game
even though my hussle aint changed
im still prayin my best presence to overcome my pain
singin tapes of cain
the roads to riches seems longer than the freight train
and every little stop keep a nigga tryin to plot
on the paper you done gain until you drain
but i put that on the foe
ima flow til i got no choice, or better yet no voice
but still by that time i hope to write enough rhymes
to own a fleet real estate with a rolce royce
rollin deep through this chi-town streets
with my mobsta elites on the way to north riverside mall
givin thanks to the all for givin me a legit where to ball at
keepin shit tight for yall

[chorus 2x]

on the bus in disgust will i able to throw rocks in my pocket
nickel sacks in the other
for po-pos who watch, cant stop, its hot
but i gotta make a profit for my baby and my mother
straight up hustler
whats the mental frame of mind
that nigga had to have the roll
be sold, or be poor up in these city streets
or with the pistol playin for you mr. reaper
forgive those, i explode like c-4 so give me 50 feet
bustin shots in every directions
a nigga stop a moment from getting made
i done witnessed public aid, people get sprayed, the tip raise
and momma cry, why my bills wont get paid
if i have to ima send cheese from blows
nobody can hurt me or run thugsta greed, gds or foes
workin the spot cause we need some clothes
who ever thought id be making money off of my cds and shows
my crib got gats in the hall, rats steady crawl
roaches comin out the cracks in the wall
on the tip, bust it with my back to the wall
work my way up to an ounce, now im back to a ball
now i fin to spend stacks at the mall
bend the blocks on barbers hopin my profits stack a bit taller
twista aka "the bitch caller", bring your money to the mob
just to be a pimp-shit talker

[chorus 2x]

if its on, i gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
it its on, then i gotta ride out with the mobstas, hmm-hmm
if its on, i gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
if its on, i gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
la-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (mobstas)
la-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (mobstas)
la-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (mobstas)
if its on, i gotta ride out with my mobstas (mobstas) hmm-hmm


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