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walking down the hill ark sz

walking down this hill tonight
i had a thought all to myself
as i contemplated the moonlight

weve got it all, weve got it made
i dont know how i got here
but im holding on for the crash

pull myself out of the moon
i know ill never go there but
its shining down from up on high
we got it made, we got it made
i dont know what we gotta make
sooner or later we die

were apart, go to pieces
while i go to sleep

look into my heart, oh baby
dont become a part of the past
you can be a part of the key

dont turn away, dont run away
dont leave me hanging by a thread
shine a little love down on me

were in love, make your peace
wasting time is all you need

walking down this hill tonight
i had a thought it was my own
moon swept by the clouds and save the starlight
or shall i be or shall i not be
i dont know i just dont
feel like it tonight


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