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yes, anastasia ark sz

i know what you want the
magpies have come
if you know me so well then
tell me which hand i use

make them go
make it go

saw her there in a restaurant
poppy dont go
i know your mother is a good one
but poppy dont go,
ill take you home.
show me the things ive been missin
show me the ways
i forgot to be speaking
show me the ways
to get back to the garden
show me the ways
to get around the get around
show me the ways
to button up buttons
that have forgotten theyre buttons
well we cant have that forgetting that

girls, girls what have we done
what have we done to ourselves
driving on the vine
over clothes lines
but officer i saw the sign

thought id been through this in 1919
counting the tears of ten thousand men
and gathered them all, but my feet are slipping
theres something we left on the windowsill
theres something we left yes

well see how brave you are
well see how fast youll be running
well see how brave you are
yes, anastasia
and all your dollies have friends

thought she deserved no less than shed give
well happy birthday her bloods on my hands
its kind of a shame cause i did like that dress
its funny the things that you find in the rain
the things that you find...
in the mall and in the date mines
in the knots still in her hair
on the bus im on my way down
all the girls seem to be there

come along now little darlin
come along now with me
come along now little darlin
well see how brave you are.


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