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sweet dreams ark sz

"lie, lie, lies, evrywhere", said the father to the son
your peppermint breath gonna choke em to death
daddy watch your little black sheep run
he got a knives in his back every time he opens up
you ai, "he gotta be strong if he wanna be a man"
mister i dont know how you can have
sweet dreams sweet dreams
land, land of liberty
were run by a constipated man
when you live in the past
you refuse to see when your
daughter come home nine months pregnant
with five billion points of light
gonna shine em on the face of your friends
they got the earth in a sling
they got the world on her knees
they even got your zipper between their teeth
sweet dreams sweet dreams
you say you say you say you have em i say that youre a liar
sweet dreams sweet dreams
go on, go on, go on and dream
your house is on fire
come along now
well, well, summer wind been catching up with me
"elephant mind, missy you dont have
you forgettin to fly,
darlin, when you sleep"
i got a hazy lazy susan
takin turns all over my dreams
i got lizards and snakes runnin through my body
funny how they all have my face
sweet dreams sweet dreams


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