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sister named desire ark sz

got a sister named desire
they dont let you light those
little boys
on the back hand swings.
know a vicar who coughs a lot
thought we told some little sweet stories
in the parking lot
they say the girl lost her sway
they say the girl lost her sway
that day
god, id like to take him for a long way
cause maybe i
then i just cry a little tear
near to that sleepy safe place
and im gonna take it by myself if ive got to go
dont let you, let you know
where she goes to with those meows and her fear
the girl lost her sway
they say the girl lost her sway
that day
teach me about them old old words
big brother man
in an elevator where
somebody can get out without sound
say that girl lost her sway
just watch it
just watch it
slip through my hands, boy
watch it go
what you know, hey, yes
just see
cause she still can sway


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