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mary ark sz

everybody wants something from you
everybody wants a piece of mary
lush valley all dressed in green
just ripe for the picking
god i want to get you out of here
you can ride in a pink mustang
when i think of what weve done to you
mary can you hear me
growing up isnt always fun
they tore your dress and stole your ribbons
they see you cry they lick their lips
well butterflies dont belong in nets
mary can you hear me
mary youre bleeding, mary dont be afraid
were just waking up and i hear help is on the way
mary can you hear me
mary like jimmy said, mary dont be afraid
"cause even the wind even the wind cries your name"
everybody wants you sweetheart
everybody got a dream of glory
las vegas got a pinup girl
they got her armed as they buy and sell her
rivers of milk running dry
cause you cant hear the dolphins crying
whatll we do when our babies scream
fill their mouths with some acid rain


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