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liquid diamonds ark sz

surrender then start your engines
youll know quite soon what my mistake was
for those on horseback or dog sled
you turn on at the bend in the road
i hear she still grants forgiveness
although i willingly forgot her
the offering is molasses and you say
i guessim an underwater thing so
i guess i cant take it personally
i guess im an underwater thing
im liquid running
theres a sea secret in me
its plain to see it is rising
but i must be flowing liquid diamonds
calling for my soul
at the corners of the world
i know shes playing poker
with the rest of the stragglers
calling for my souls
at the corners of the world
i know shes playing poker
and if your friends dont come back to you
and you know this is madness
a lilac mess in your prom dress
and you say i guess im an underwater thing


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