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baby boy ark sz

from the day that i saw you
i knew that we would pursue
cause the chemistry
we felt that day
felt so real, and so true
looking back on a year
we spent together
how it’s been, what
we went through
although we’ve had our
little ups and downs
we’ve still pulled through

baby girl you’re my
world my everything
i wanna lace you with
diamonds and every ring
give you everything you
dream and fantasize
cause you can tell me
that you love me
looking in my eyes
you keep it real with me,
i keep it real with you
you keep on loving me,
i’ll keep on loving you
keep doing what you do,
i feel your whole aura
and i can’t wait to hook up
again tomorrow baby - what


my love for you will never end
you’ll always be a part of me
as long as time keeps
on passing by
you’ll always be my baby boy.
everytime i look at you,
i can’t believe
i’ve found a love so true (and)
i took my time to put
my trust in you
i must admit it was so hard to do
and every minute that i
spend with you
you make me believe i
have nothing to loose and
deep down i always knew
that you would be mine

do you believe in destiny
because i got a funny feeling
this was meant to be
without you i’d be lost,
i need you next to me
preferably in the house full
of luxuries and little kids
>from day one i was sprung,
knew you was gonna be one
cause my heart spoke for the
very first time in a long while
and every time you smile, i can see us walking up the aisle with you
carrying my child c’mon


my love for you will never end
you;ll always be a part of me
as long as time keeps
on passing by
you’ll always be my baby boy

if you were to go, i don’t know
you’re the only one who
sweeps me off my feet
makes my soul go weak
the only one who makes
my heart wanna beat and i,
i could never live without you
you know that what i feel
has to be true
cause you’re my, my sweet love

ever since the first time,
that i looked into your eyes
i knew that you were
gonna be mine
feeling you from the inside,
when you’re not by my side
you’re the only girl
that’s on my mind
i never knew a love like
this, a love so strong
a vision so picture perfect
it could never be wrong
along the way, you’re gonna
see you belong with jay
i might have to marry you
one day baby eh..
chorus / outro


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