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heart attack at ark sz

sirens wake me up
wake me up
with a cry
things we do
for attention...
just a little
reminder dear
i am still alive
so confused
i almost threw
it all away
for you
you took me higher
and you dropped
me lower
than ive ever been

if i have a heart attack
at 23
im loving you too much
if i have a heart attack
at 23
wave bye-bye
youll miss me
youll miss me baby
if i have a heart attack
at 23

all my friends
we waste so
much love
on our men
why cant i
be forgiving
while he been out
with his argentine baby

i must be dreaming
we were together
in a
land of scarlet ribbon
that tied you to me darlin
roll roll roll roll on
but you know im never
with all the good things
in my life
i thought i needed you
to be strong
ill still miss you
when im gone


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