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frog on my toe ark sz

poppa i know
theres a frog on my toe
maybe ill call him jethro.
maybe ill grow up to be quite as good as he,
and maybe youll come back after youre long gone.
and poppa im sure the worms have eaten you now
and jethros been on some frenchys plate long ago
and now im pretty sure that i listened to every word
cause i still hear you telling me still
slap them boys when theyre naughty
make them crawl, make you haughty
make you strong little girl
paint them toes that reddish color
and you know one day youre gonna be bigger than a flea
youre gonna be bigger than that old poison ivy tree
now im pretty sure that i think you come and visit
and talk sometimes kind of like gidget and
in funny little chants like an indian brave
you said we all grew fat when the white men came
but one day girl
youre gonna learn to make em crawl
make them grow tall but have the grace
to be a lady with disgrace
you fry them taters and you make them with ladys hands and all
youre my poppys baby


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