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father lucifer ark sz

father lucifer
you never looked so sane
you always did prefer the drizzle to the rain
tell me that youll stay in love with that milkmaid
hows the lizzies
hows your jesus christ been hanging

nothings gonna stop me from floating
nothings gonna stop me from floating

he says he reckons im a watercolor stain
he says i run and then i run from him
and then i run
he didnt see me watching
from the aero plane
he wiped a tear
and then he threw away our apple seed
nothings gonna stop me from floating

everydays my wedding day
though babys still in his comatose state
ill die my own easter eggs
dont go yet
and beenie lost the sunset but thats ok
does joe bring flowers to marilyns grave
and girls that eat pizza and never gain weight
father lucifer you never looked so sane


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