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do it again ark sz

(original artist: steely dan)

in the mornin you go gunnin
for the man who stole your water
and you fire till he is done in
but they catch you at the border
and the mourners are all singin
as they drag you by your feet
but the hangman isnt hangin
and they put you on the street
lets go

and you go....
well you know shes no high climber
then you find your only friend
in a room with your two timer,
and youre sure youre at the end
then you love a little wild one,
and she brings you only sorrow
all the time you know shes smilin,
youll be on your knees tomorrow

you go back,
you go back, jack
you go back
do it again,
wheels turnin round and round

(piano solo)

you go back, jack, do it again

now you swear and kick and beg us
that youre not a gamblin man;
then you find youre back in vegas
with a handle in your hand
your black cards will make you money
so you hide them when youre able
in the land of milk and honey
boy, you must put them on the table

you go back, jack,
do it again,
wheels turnin round sweet boy
you go back, jack, do it again

wheel turnin round
wheel turnin round
wheel turnin round


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