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bells for her ark sz

and through the life force
and there goes her friend
on her nishiki its out of time
and through the portal they
can make amends

hey would you say whatever
were blanket friends
cant stop whats coming
cant stop whats on its way

and through the walls they
made their mudpies
ive got your mind i said
she said ive your voice
i said you dont need my voice
girl you have your own
but you never thought it was enough of
so they went years and years
like sisters, blanket girls
always there through that and this
theres nothing we cannot ever fix i said

cant stop whats coming
cant stop whats on its way
bells and footfalls and soldiers and dolls
brothers and lovers she and i were
now she seems to be sand under his shoes
theres nothing i can do
cant stop whats coming
cant stop whats on its way

and now i speak to you are you in there
you have her face and her eyes
but you are not her
and we go at each other like blankettes
who cant find their thread and their bare

cant stop loving
cant stop what is on its way
and i see it coming and its on its way


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