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baker baker ark sz

baker baker baking a cake
make me a day, make me whole again
and i wonder whats in a day
whats in your cake this time?

i guess you heard hes gone to l.a.
he says that behind my eyes im hiding
and he tells me i pushed him away
that my hearts been hard to find.

there must be something here
there must be something here

baker baker, can you explain
if truly his heart was made of icing
and i wonder how mine would taste
maybe we could change his mind.

i know youre late for your next parade
you came to make sure that im not running
well i ran from him in all kinds of ways
guess it was her turn this time.

thought id make friends with time
thought wed be flying
maybe not this time.

baker baker, baking a cake
make me a day, make me whole again
and i wonder if hes ok
if you see him say "hi".


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