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whats next to the moon ark sz

well i tied my baby to the railroad track
cannonball down the line
giving that woman just a one more chance
to give it to me one more time
engineer wishing he was home in bed
dreaming about casey jones
wide-eyed woman heading a mile ahead
thinking about broken bones

its her love that i want
its her love that i need
its her love got to have
its her love

heavenly body flying across the sky
superman was out of town
come on honey, gotta change your tune
cause its a long way down
clark kent looking for a free ride
thinking about louise lane
its a bird, its a plane, its - a suicide
and thatd be a shame


but whats next to the moon?

long arm looking for a fingerprint
trying to find the mystery clue
hitting me with the third degree
working on a thumb screw
alright, officer, i confess
everythings coming back
i didnt mean to hurt that woman of mine
it was a heart attack


whats next to the moon?


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