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live introduction by toby of courtesy of the red, white and blue the angry american ark sz
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live introduction by toby of courtesy of the red, white and blue the angry american ark sz

how many americans do we have in here tonight?
(the crowd cheers)

in the days following september 11th last year
everybody that was a poet or a writer or a song writer of any kind
had a reason to write some words down or thoughts down on a peice of paper
and i was no diffirent thats what you do when i do
and my father served in the army in the 50s he lost his right eye in a training
combat mission he came home he put a flag up on the farm i was raised on i lost
him six months prior to the attacks on new york city and the united states and
that flag that flew out in that yard its flown there everyday he raised me
right and he never bitched one time about loseing his eye i never heard him cry
about it one time he was glad to go do it and thats why were free today and its
our turn to stand on what our fathers and forefathers did for us and make sure
we dont letem down

i wrote a song in the following days after september 11th its called the angry
american and i wanna send this out to my father tonight


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