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ill never smoke weed with willie again ark sz
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ill never smoke weed with willie again ark sz

i always heard that his herb was top shelf
i just could not wait to find out for myself
dont knock it till youve tried it.
well, ive tried it my friend
and ill never smoke weed with willie again

i learned a hard lesson in a small texas town
he fired up a fat boy and he passed him around
the last words i spoke before they tucked me in
ia??ll never smoke weed with willie again

chorus: ill never smoke weed with willie again
my partys all over before it began
you can pour me some old whiskey river my friend
but ill never smoke weed with willie again

i hopped on his old bus on the honeysuckle road
the party was vegas it was after the show
alone in the front lounge, just me and him
with one parting puff grim creeper set in


now were passin the guitar, were tellin good jokes
i know ones a comin cause im smellin smoke
no i do not partake i just let it pass by
with a smile on my face and a great contact high


in a fetal position with drool on my chin
i messed up and smoked weed with willie again


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