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you scared part ii ark sz

[dj paul:] three six mafia, you scared 2003 six is goin down

you scared hoe
what what what
you scared hoe
what what what
you scared hoe
what what what
kickin in the door i make
them bitches hit the floor
for keys

[rpt 2x]

[dj paul]
bust in with that 45 make them bitches back it up
catch them ridin on them thangs make them bitches jack it up
here they got that pot it man make them bitches bag it up
finally got that money man make them bitches sag it up
take it to the spot man now its time to crank it up
dont play tomorrows a brighter day i gotta pack it up
means i bees the first up on the block i guess to rack it up
pocket full of stones oh boy i gotta track it up
fuckin wit you snitches man dont make me wanna hang it up
but lookin at a empty plate dont make me wanna keep it up
any nigga with that work gon make me wanna kreep it up
even though my pockets dont got deep they aint got deep enough
wishin i could rob me a bank but i aint theif enough
i keep it in the hood to rob a nigga chart they sleep enough
that is bout the time i get my back then i need it up
time to find another boy time i gettin a rita

i think i got them scared
i think that they scared of me
i think you bitch you scared
i think that they scared of me
i think i got them scared
i think that they scared of me
kickin in the door i make them
bitches hit the floor for keys

[rpt 2x]

[juicy j]
which one of you rappers wanna feel them shots
sayin that juicy j fuck you out your record money flop
hope you know these north memphis soldiers keep a plastic glock
stand infront of your house im bout to buck you cowards on the spot
heard you talkin loud at the tuff i guess to gang your pops
man this aint no radio station boy quit tryin to pump your watch
police yellow tape somebody blood they wipin wit a mop
what a witness saw when we here roll on down your corner block
the mafia boys we got the toys make you drop it off
pass me the gun i take the handle then saw it off
bust in the bank and make you faint before i knock it off
humm on the drank and full of dank ready to break the law
i see them fuzz i see we won cause i won it all
so fucken scared you talkin gahos want it oh want it oh
but we dont care we like em dallas standin ten feet tall
buckin you blastin you watch you splatter on the fucken wall

[rpt chorus]

[lord infamous]
creepin carefully through the street because it very real in the field
aint no love for pity aint nobody cut you no deal
everyone i know they do whatever just to get a meal
or whats in the bottle or the baggie or whats under seal
careful of the company you keep everyone a treal
cause when robbas mobbas double jaw just to bust appeal
you got hustlas dealas bankin every town every field
guess what i dont hang around the brothas so so mass a gil

[crunchy black]
crunchy black in this bitch im bout to bring the pain
aint no gang in my slang do you understand
mess with me then your messin with the grownest man
where im from from the slum niggaz shootin a thang
on the run now you see me in the papers man
they was tryin to stop a nigga from doin his thang
cant ya mug is the song that im singin man
hypnotize got me gold diggin for the chain

[rpt chorus]


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