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will blast ark sz

[dj paul:]
say hello to three 6 mafia got the stick up with the mask we be watchin ya know
im quick to biggy bang bang a rookie huh trip you like a cookie for you sayin
yo ass is movin too fast

[gangsta boo:]
you got this lady gangsta boo comin to you with a whole bunch of shit thats
gonna fuck yo ass up nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga get buck wild in dis
muthafucka let me see ya do ya stuff

[juicy j:]
will blast if we muthafuckina have to tie ya body up with the strings from your
tennis shoes juicy j in the house puffin on a light kool those that wanna step
to the click its a murder fool

[crunchy black:]
who i bez crunchy black you will know who i am once i come up from the back
kickin dos makin hos lay it down cuz i gotta keep my muthafuckin prophet black

[lord infamous:]
im the nigga lord infamous the scarecrow demons be dancin roun my throne i
dont know why everytime i see yo face i wanna spread like rome bring it on jones

[koopsta knicca:]
who dat be between them trees tryin to take a peek at me for himself if you
from the other realm i tell you koop have nothin left nothing left


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