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whatcha know ark sz

[juicy j (big gipp)]
yeah, yeah, yeah
three 6 mafia (here it is)
know what im sayin
goodie mob (triple six mafia)
atl (big gipp)
m-town connection (man)
what you know about that?
(you cant ask fo no mo)
what you know? what you know?
(ima hit ya back)
what you know?

[chorus: dj paul & big gipp (together) (2x)]
what you know? what you know?
bout the bs, bout that o
bout these streets, bout this 9
bout these niggaz doin time
what you know? what you know?
bout the kickin in the do
layin suckers on the flo
gettin low down with the dope

[lord infamous]
in memphis, im a felonist, dont fuck with ghetto presidents
run up in your residence, gather all the evidence
murder list is specialist, clickin on this medicine
unloadin a tec in this, hang you by your neck-a-lace
all in for the blessedness, lord infamous reck-a-less
mobbin, im the messiest, best, there is no testin this
hellraiser, im hookin em, four star chef, im cookin em
like that, now im bookin em, slash they eyes out look at em

[crunchy black]
what you know about killaz, what you know about dealers
what you know about niggaz that live fake, know im for real-a
what you know about bitches, what you know about clickin
one in the chamber so nigga now you know im out to get ya
what you know about reobbin, what you know about mobbin
mobbin all through the hood nigga doin my job n
i aint tryin to be starvin, im just leg over barbin
poppin shots at your head, nigga doin my job n

[chorus: dj paul & big gipp (together) (2x)]

[juicy j]
juciy always be gamin, keep that roast to the flame n
slangin dope in the grove, all the way to black haven
call your boy on the cell, if you want somethin, hail
we got prostitutes and whitey-white just tryin to make mail
have you been to the north, memphis where i be stayin
where them golds, they be shinin, nothin but smiles on they faces
always stumblin, rumblin, keep the freaky hoes comin
if they wanna suck the dick, we put that nut in they stomach

[dj paul]
aint no problem thats to big, nigga fucked up bout no task
two of them coloreds with them masks, sawed-off pumps for mega-blast
forty-thousand, one in the chamber, buck artila for gettin his own man
nigga im my own man, never catch me runnin from no man
its so strange, the look on you face that does not bring
or brings it to doors lane, put blood on your close lane
your eyes be like closin, hoes from head to toes n
fuck round with the chosen, got you stiff like posin

[chorus: dj paul & big gipp (together, big gipp sings) (2x)]

[big gipp (juicy j)]
dont give a fuck, im stayin slizzard
tough like chicken gizzards, strickly cardi, wizard
pill popper, afro, straight blowed
corner coves, what im talkin, what you know
bout that girl, bout that boy, keep that nose itchin
skin scrachin, junkies steady bitchin
i cant feel it, nigga please, stop that actin, cough it up
4 for the 5, is what im sellin, sawed-off 12 n started bailin
kickin dos, snatchin clothes, catchin hoes, gettin cases
sittin in the country thinkin about my money on vacation
this for the ones that love the club pop, sip-sip
gipp dip, in a ho, in the jail, rollin crip
keep it crackin, keep it throwed, who shot first, nobody knows
how it goes, what you know, bout these streets im down fo


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