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watcha do ark sz

ah yeah, these hoes always talkin bout all the shit they got (??)
and ima tell you what they do to get it, bitch

[chorus x8]
watcha do, watcha do

bitch dont play dumb
stick out your tongue
and let me take a plunge
for plenty you dont have to suck your thumb
i got yum-yum
at night you have nice dreams
bout spices and ice cream
you look kind of fiesty
your lips they entice me
dont fight it, dont try to front like you dont like it
i can tell you get excited
im gon spank it
put your head up under the blanket
its the tightest
a mafia, so play it to the triple 6 to the tre
until tonight lord infamous is on the entree

[gangsta boo]
you niggas be killin me
say youll never do me
but still you do it
every time i turn around
you punk is in the booty
is it hard to pick em out
hell na
im on the top of that
all real hoes know a nigga that lick on the cat
thats a fact
niggas be one of the main ones doin it
come and eat a little punk ass nigga
fuck screwin it
little peter pipter
these playas for the pussy eaters
got you rock hard
after my nut yous a dick beater

[chorus x8]
[juicy j]
slob on my knob
lke corn on the cob
check in with me
and do your job
lay on the bed
and give me head
dont have to ask
dont have to beg
juicy is my name
sex is my game
lets call the boys
lets run a train
first find a mate
second find a place
third find a bag
to hide the hoe face

[dj paul]
its bout 2-0-9
im ridin viper tryin to find somethin freaky
cause i think its about that time
me and my dogs
its not about two balls
now i need a big mout
for a dick and two balls
its paul
askin with ya
take face willy
165 pound, skinny nigga, beer belly
im bout to take her to get it tight
from all of yall
no paper chasin im in the ocean tryin to catch some jaws

[cruncy blac]
these bitches got me goin
the feelin of a warm mouth
man i tell you bout these hoes chewin in the south
its on
once i get it alone i bone
a whole deep along but thats another song
we on the subject of these hoes, and they suckin dick
dont frown hoes
you the main ones don it
crunchy blac up in the bitch
i tell the truth dog
all these hoes goin
dont let em foll yall

[dj spanish fly]
yo, this is dj spanish fly
live at the shake joint
and they shake the tooshie, watcha do
three 6 mafia a worrrrrrrr....

[koopsta knicca]
see i be swanin at a bitch
like a nigga tryin to hit a pinata
ten niggas dicks
up in your motherfuckin stomach
came across a dick
they got you grippin up on your head
buckin on south spreadin pussy
fool it farted
men, plaster fallin up off the wass
while im fuckin her like a dog
she constantly lickin on my balls
all up on my dick
and on my nuts
its just the best i be, rat tat tat tat tat had to watch how quickly
that bitch react
like a nigga tryin to hit a pa


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