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war wit us ark sz

[hook - repeat 4x]
do ya niggas want a war wit us
do ya niggas want to get your head bust
i see them yorks in the sky raise em high raise em high
i see them tones in the sky raise em high raise em high

[juicy j]
yeah every time i flip the script
niggas always talkin shit
mad beacuase the cards i flip
maybe he be struckin wit
i think he used to slang them rocks
set up shop on this here block
orange bloosm apartment three
niggas aint even know me
young and buck just full of beer
drinking out my nigga clair
death is like we naver fear
even if we know its near
stealing cars and rollin dice
trying to dodge the memphis vice
im telling all you young niggas
in this game there aint no life
mom told mo to stay in school
all i did was break the rules
pop was preaching the word of god
i was busy actin a fool
mad with a fuckin mug
loadin up my 38 slug
head spinnin from the killing
and head full with nothin but drugs

[crunchy blac]
do yall niggas want a war wit us
do yall niggas want a war wit us
in gats we trust
in heads we bust
see nigaas like us
uh uh we cant be trust
we come to your crib
i mean we come to your house
we knock on your door
we put the gun in your mouth
we throw our sets
no disrespect
all we want is money nigga
can you niggas get met
no game i play
wit none of you hoes
like the one in the chamber
puttin bodies in holes


[dj paul]
now when they finally gonna learn about the hav its on
when these hip crisp niggas kick a hole in your door
now bitch its on cuz you fuvkin with niggas thats strong
you damn near gone cuz im buckin you bitches with tones
never alone hoe i run with triple sizzix
no full clips hoe in leavein them off in your chest
cant waste no time cuz cuz im droppin them dimes
thats why the hypnatize is all about droppin them nines
up in your face you bitches are fake
i got some boys they aint gay
but they knowin to rape
a little cock sucka like you
cuz i despite you
if you cant beat em
you join the right crew
hcp nigga hcp nigga
hcp hypnatize camp posse nigga

[la chat]
back up shit
you fuckin wit some natural killas
dont want to go to war wit us
we got a sniper to get ya
hypnatize you aint heard
we down for whatever
we buckin bitches
fuck you hoes
cuz you aint on our level
la chat i clicked up with the right camp
ready to ride
you fuck wit one
you fuck wit all
we aint scared to die
and we aint scared to kill a nigga
on the pain we deliver
we chop you up
dont give a fuck
and throw your ass in the river
i know you bitches know it on
when you fuck wit the click
i know you bitches know you gone
whe you violate this shit
im tired of talking motherfucka
time to show an example
it aint no playin wit ya hoe
cuz that anna we handle yeah

[crunchy blac]
do yall niggas want a war wit us


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