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try somethin ark sz

[project pat - on the phone]
yeah its project pat up in this
representin "layin the smackdown", "north north"
three 6 mafia fin a rip it like its supposed to be
handle that shit

[project pat]
jack one, smack one, run off wit ya sack son
anybody wit the loot, give it up or ima shoot
bow down m-town, niggaz like to ride clean
snort on some good dope, smoke on some good green
friday payday, so im at the shake junt
lookin fo a big lick, fiendin for a fat blunt
saw my victim caught me one slippin
on the side of the club takin a pissin
no mask on face i didnt really need it
he can be damn fool and hell get heated
point blank, snatch bank, runnin like a track star
heart pumpin fast like i ate out the crack jar
no one saw me made clean getaway
that means that i still live to get paid
late night, all night jackin on the spizot
breakin up a dice game or where its hizot

[hook: crunchy black - repeat 2x]
(im a rob me some niggaz) mane im fucked up
a nigga gotta try something
(im a rob me some niggaz) mane my lucks up
a nigga gotta try something
(im a rob me some niggaz) mane im dead broke
a nigga gotta try something
(im a rob me some niggaz) plus im out of dope
a nigga gotta try something

[juicy "j"]
i ran up in the bank put a tone to his head
told the clerk this a robbery nigga drop the bread
then i ran like a bitch when my folks was outside
so i jumped in the car, mashed the gas start to ride
the westside of tennesse, until i heard the news
nigga should have went to mexico, my face was on the tube
most wanted for a felony i should have stayed in class
i was a stupid as nigga i didnt even wear a mask

[dj paul]
i guess you know by now the bhz do not play
my pussy valley are down and gonna spray
they still robbin niggaz and jackin fo yo clothes
and have you runnin round like college girls exposed
my tulane niggaz you knowin they stayin strapped
beside dj paul they put the haven on the map
but its too many hoods in the haven to claim
so we gon all bring guns we gon all bring pain.

[hook x2 (crunchy black)]

[crunchy black]
you can do what ya do to keep ya ass in
its cb and mane i aint playin
wit pistol in my muthafuckin right hand
im a stick it to ya body, and start demandin
me muthafuckin money out ya fuckin pockets
give me them rings and that fuckin watch n you
betta listen up before i start poppin its me again
im constantly robbin

[lord infamous]
slap on his block wit the glock
and lockem down to the rocks
fiendin for his knot in his pocket strip him
down his socks, grab and feel this 44
hopin steam right off this scope
and i let him smoke if i go in ya pockets and ya broke
ya got a lotta nuts rollin my hood on ya twankies
now ya gotta drop off them bitches and that ring on ya pankies
either ya give me ya green, ya pills, and ya powda
or i gotta pump the gauge and let you take a buck shot shower


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