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tear da club up ark sz

three six mafia [repeat 7x]

tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[dj paul]
this for all you playa haters who be talkin that...(ha ha)
the three six show no love, put some hurt on a trick
im bustin through the crowd, wild, with my hand on a cannon
be like quick to put two up in ya like who mana standin
i be the last man, blast man
if you think you fast man, headlines
three left em up in a cast man
when i look into your eyes i see a coward
face to face i hit ya
three six mafiad rather die than

[lord infamous]
lord, hittin, here comes the two to the three and four
three six mafia i want ya to wreck it all over the club floor
blowin and throwin your sets in the air
ya bumpin them tables and chests everywhere
trampled over by the macs and the playas
you standin there actin like you wonder where
it aint said we the hardest,
and you cant rock it like three six mafia can
all up in a trance in the prophecy van
we gonna tear the club up, get it bucked till it dont eelin me

three six mafia [repeat 8x]

tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[juicy j]
we tearin the club up, gettin buck
haters try to call it rough
they better call security, bring them straight jackets and handcuffs
aint takin it, aint takin it
the clutches i be breakin it
and rippin off the bosses and tossin them to the floor, bricks
going through the window, got that thing at your temple
when they bust, keep it trust, and we aint talkin bout bustin pimples
haters cant get with the mafia click, them fools aint buck enough
we gonna get the dynamite trick, and blow the club up

[gangsta boo]
crazy lady comin at you, you cant fade me trick
i bet you bet you bottom dollar make you holla
when my soldiers get ya, i dont like that violence stuff
but i believe in gettin buck
if you with me, let me see you tear da, tear da club up
mafia, mafi-mafia, wont stop with it though
hypnotizing minds, we got you blind and you cant hear me though
come and get it while you can trick, before its all gone
goin once, goin twice, oh my god it just went gone

[crunchy black]
oh, oh, oh, get buck, get wild
lets tear this house right down
lets tear da club up thugs
lets do that stuff right now
no disrespect to the clubs, dont want none of that
but you got the three six mafia up in your house and
and we came to break the law, tear da club up
ashes to ashes no dust to dust
and you cant trust three six mafia when we tearin that club up

three six mafia [repeat 2x]

tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up

[koopsta knicca]
hypnotize i dont think they high enough
see i thought i told you to get buck and tear da club up
do it like a lunatic since you down with the prophet click
now can i blaze it kick it tell me can i kick it man
since uh, (??) days gone, get hypnotized
lets start a riot in the club, lets get wild tonight
one little, two little, three triple six members
four little, five little, six triple six members

three six mafia [repeat to fade]

tear da club up, nigga, tear da club up


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