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take a bump ark sz

[chours: lord infamous]

break bre break bre breakout the dollar and take a bump
pick out the seeds and spit the blunt
if you wanna get numb froze and slump
if you got what i want wont you give me some

[juicy "j"]
how high can you get on that?frendly fruit?(frendly fruit?)
how high can you get sippin gin and juice?(gin and juice)
how high can you get sittin next to me?(next to me)
how high can you get on that xtc? (xtc)
how high can you get on the ball of snow?(ball of snow)
how high can you get wit a optimo?(optimo)
how high can you get in a bathroom?(bathroom)
how high can you get in a class room?(classroom)

[dj paul]
now how high can you get when you fuck with that 6
now how high can you get if you take a lil hit
now how high can you get if you snort a lil bit
bout as high as you was before you started lil bitch
now how high can you get if you stomp the whole gram
i could answer that question youll be as high as i am
now how high can you get if you of a couple my tail
a designated driver need it cause you goin to jail dont play

[chorus 2x]

[gangsta boo]
uh, the old gangsta boo would run up in yo house (for real)
blackhaven style put the glock up to ya mouth (klack klack)
im trippin like this is an anna song
crunchy crazy azz gotcha trippin on this weed bong

[cruncy blac]
uh, uh, uh, you could trust me
sell you straight weed or some straight p
lately ive just been me nigga me nigga hate me
i be smokin on the fuckin bud nigga lately
now yall gonna hate up on a thug

[gangsta boo]
yo yo yo yeah for real you be high like that,
snortin up the powder pack,
pure white funky town take me where the chronic at
tightcamafiacup? filled with hennessy and sprite
for all night hit me up 404 yeah right

[crunchy blac]
uh uh uh nigga lately on ya fuckin p milli me it be dank weed
nigga cant you see cant you see
i be stumbilin thumbilin in the fuckin street
i be crumbilin crumblin down the fuckin weed nigga dank weed

[chorus till fade]


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