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slob on my knob pt ii ark sz
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slob on my knob pt ii ark sz

[gangsta boo]
slob on my cat
cause you know its fat
check in with me
and do that

[juicy j]
wait a second freak
i know you from the streets
my nigga hurry t
had said you chewed his meat
they call you little red
the one who slobs on head
and drinks a niggas nut
until you well and fed
to see what shes about
i creaped to her house
to catch her in her blouse
and see how big her mouth
she pulled me to her room
to get the fuckin soon
i didnt have a rubber
i fucked with two balloons
lay on the bed
thats all she said
her pussy hairs were rough
twisted tight in streads
the fucken sounds were tunes
i fucked her with a broom
she rode it like a horse
the blood came rushing soon
when i seen that
i didnt want the cat
so i found out
and never came back

sucks on dick
does it real good
sucks sucks on dick
does it real good
sucks on dick
does it real good
sucks sucks on dick
does it real good

[juicy j]
my nigga d magic
had said he finally got it
the true and false blow
he said he had to have it
know a little freak
in big ham
licks up nuts
like lickin stamps
shell grant your wishes
blow you freaky kisses
house full of gs
freak horse bitches
had the little freak
in my niggas jeep
try to spit some game
to get her suck some meat
lay on the cover
my natural hair she loved it
stop bitch stop bitch
please dont touch it
took her trough some hoods
and let her hoe around
7 street 9 street
and street of walks and brown
now shes in click
a pro on suckin dick
until the rugged out
the bitch was smokin bricks
straight trough the blow pipes
thats all she thought
runnin from the rehab
never got caught


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