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put ya signs ark sz

[hook: x2]
put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his face
put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his face
make them niggas fight, what make them hoes fight
make them niggas fight, what make them hoes fight

[gangsta boo]
if you bitches aint scared put a bitch right to the floor
tell her she belong below under shoes where roaches go
hoe im ready if you ready tell me what you wanna do
to the lovely gangsta boo, buck as fuck i thought you knew
put my sign up in ya face
leave ya stape without a trace
you aint buck cause bitch i saw ya stankin ass yesterday
talk ya? hoe ya? cause im comin in the crowd boy
with niggas and im out slammin bitches to the ground

[lord infamous]
i see ya from the stage ya angry face is fighting in the corner
full of marijuana niggas in the middle in a trauma
while they throwin bos they snatchin hoes that stuck in a coma
any thick lil fine bitch come on through a nigga all up on her
some trick done got mad and ran to the wagon and grabbed a 12 gauge pump
probably full of that numby numb that coke and rum and getting dumb
cars are barrelin through the nigga shootin runnin to the rover
niggas catchin the heat from slugs
negroes gettin trampled over

[hook x 2]

[juicy j]
now i got you bitches hot
platinum out and on the spot
mad becuase they take your cell
so they stop at slangin rocks
bring yo ass to north memphis
killas hang and niggas pimpin
playas on them cards flippin
choppin dope up in the kitchen
and i always keep it real
way before a record deal
so my nigga dont hate on me cause juicy j be gettin his bills
clean that mug from off ya face unless you want a casket case
nigga fuck what you end, who you clean, and fuck ya friend

[dj paul]
nigga you claimin set, throwin, showin signs
you aint no one look inside your face is plain as day
another hoe is showin
bitch im down with the same game you claim but i will fuck you up
hoe it aint the same off in them flames i dont give a fuck
put some in your liver you so? in the studio
nigga all but the liver watch you run like bitch was stealers that i let you
packing automatics full of that static that you stressin for
actin like you want some but it seems you scared to go


[koopsta knicca]
hey dont call me for sweet songs
aint no?
aint no funky smilin faces
aint no grins up on this man
its the? that keeps me cool
social security breaking news
shit could fight up all night with mo henny wait thats how i (breath)
do you feel it? is it rare?
smack that bitch up with that chair
when you see me over there
raise your hands up in the air
cause bitch this aint no rosewood
nigga take another round
slipped up, chopped up, fucked, lights out

[crunchy black]
claim where i claim, hang where i hang
burn where i burn, nigga aint no thing
do what i do, hanging with my crew
(what, what, what, what) nigga i thought you knew
aint no hood, throwin our sets
me fucking more nigga no disrespect
get out our way, gun will spray
easy come nigga anyday

[hook until fade]


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