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prophet posse ark sz

[chorus x8]
prophet posse, the posse bitch

its mafia time
lord infamous mind
it just aint stable
my actions are even more shocking and dockin
than murder between kane and abel
so stick em up
everybody catch the ground
cause i come from the city of memphis
its a rowdy town

[gangsta boo]
well its time for them prophets
aint no turning trick
ah, you fucked up with the wrong kind
ghetto boo bitch
comin at yo ass
takin over 97 this mrs. gangsta bitch
married to this damn prophet shit

watch how i pull these bitches
and you know the scaremans blastin teflons hit yo feelins
nigga, ill be damned if im gon miss you
gaurds of task, so you best react
cause the prophets are sprayin motherfuckin gats when i blast
when i blast
them niggas on they back

[dj paul]
excuse me sir
can i get that card or that drivers license
i need some two scoops
but not the raisin of the wisest
nicest, the feel of my body gets conset like tyson
roll them dices
killin my brain cells
but fuck it
we sacrificin blow that shit

[chorus x7]

[juicy j]
its that nigga that you love to hate
deep in the north
is where i stay, the one notorious juicy j
i fold ya dogs an chop you away
and get real high to this hear track
buck wild as hell is how we act
the prophet posse is on the attack
so what you haters watch your back

[crunchy blac]
theres no game that ill play
with your bullshit niggas
say what your ganna say
but a nigga will kill you
if you disrespect
then nigga youll feel me
and i dwell in hell
catch a nigga like, feel me

[indo g]
some of these niggas on that doe
some of these niggas on that hay
what you say, what you say hoe
negro indo crackin them swishers daily
its incredible, incredible, from the car
to the block in the motherfuckin ghetto
cheefin in a meadow
when im kickin a line, i rhyme, every god damn time

niggas that come to me (??) attention
brothers and prophet the posse
cause the killa roc and never stoppin roll in a viper
niggas that like to be droppin (droppin)
juicy with the two nine, paul with the forty
motherfuckers on a paperchas, yeah
killa from three 6, k-roc dont play
dont play with me baby

[project pat]
we makn moves in this rap industry
like a magician
a legion of neighborhood niggas on a mission
for paper, project, my lyrics tight
like a virgin
my lips ignite the mic, cause they get hype
when im cussin

[chorus x5]


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