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pass me ark sz

[chours 2x]
pass me da mutha-fuckin blunt mane
hurry up or else somebodys gonna get sprayed
caugh and choke on the weed is just what i do
caugh and choke on the weed is just what i do

[crunchy black]
smoke dis, smoke dat, smoke weed, smoke crack
everybody gettin high, high off they fuckin sac
everybody know me, know me by black
black be smokin weed mane, smokin weed by da stack
got dis, got dat, got swishers, got blacks
got dat smoked out no doubt, bumpin on the fuckin track
gonna get high mane, roll to get high mane
smoke till i die mane, aint no fuckin thang
ima smoke till i die, ima break down that swisher
ima fill it up wit weed, ima blow it like a mista
aint no smokin wit me mane, aint no smokin wit me mista
when you leave here dawg, you gone leave here in blistas
you gone have to pull ya pistols because ya high and ya smooth
and ya think we mix our weed with some god damn eww (hey!)
you must be tootin, tootin on that fruit in ya cell (man!)
nigga the only thang i mix my weed with is god damn cell

[chours 2x]

[crunchy black]
heres a round a two a, what ya wanna do a?
smoke that fuckin weed, smoke some fuckin budda
you might as well gone head suit up, what ya waana do a?
break that fuckin weed down, put that fuckin toot up
you knew a, i was comin threw dis bitch
i been smoked out and loced out all day lil bitch
i dont play lil bitch, i get paied lil bitch
smoke weed and get high everyday lil bitch, and dont play

[la chat]
was up nigga? pass dat dope, gone get your smoke, im gone hit it
get fucked up, we full a dat pure, i got my pure to go wit it
la chat be gone up off dat dojer, great for bendin my knees
i be so blink dat i cant think, mane im so full of dat weed
wanna blow a gun? hell naw, but you know i get smoked
mane fuck my nose, it is my lungs im tryin to inhale when i smoke
i get a blunt, and then i dip it in dat (?) and im gone
im so fucked up, which way is which, dont know how da fuck i got home

[chours 2x]

[repeat threw chours]
dat shits some fire, dat shits some fire


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