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neighborhood hoe ark sz

it was one saturday night in june now i clearly remember
i seen this whore that i met in december
the bitch didnt wanna give me no play
but she heard us at the concert the other day
now the shit about to fall in place
i just seen her rode bye with a smile on her face
tiltin my hat makin sure its in place
hopin ill be the next nigga to taste her pace
that motherfuckin lot round the strip grippin on my dick haters dont
got a muthfuckin 40 cal in the spot ready for a nigga that think im
gone slip
chevy thang, slow, clean, chrome face, glod ds
bitches ridin up in my shit man im tellin these hoes please
i had to speak to soon her comes a hoe
nigga she got game
first thing she ask me was whats my name
and im ridin in that chevy thang
she knows goddamn well who i am
but since she wanna playa hate in response i was tellin the hoe my name
was davante
swing now the muthafucka ditchin
playa like me tryin to get down in it
gotta keep it key low with the hoe
in the muthafuckin "pala with the windows tinted playa
i got this wild and bout it bitch
just give me two days to hit the shit
beter get your exercise on the third day
prophet posse gonna take care ya


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