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money didnt change me ark sz

[chorus: repeat 2x]
the money i made didnt change me, nigga it changed you
i stayed the same through my wealth, but take a look at you
back in the days i went to school wit ya, too cool wit ya
but seems like now i cant fool wit ya

[dj paul]
back in the days i went to school wit ya (ya hear me)
like blood brothers i was cool wit ya (ya feel me)
i remember times i carried tools wit ya (i clapped)
but now days i cant fool wit ya (i swear)
you said i started to act funny (i cant see it)
since i made me some money (you believe it)
it wasnt no problem when i gave it to you (i know)
but since i quit im in the wrong to you (thats low)
it aint my fault that i kept chasin my dreams
you claimed you couldnt see the woods, because of too many trees (you dummy)
and dispite impossibilities (you know)
i turned to all impossibilities (for sho)
but that aint keepin it real in yo mind (i see)
i gotta feed yo family and mine (nigga please)
i hate so bad that cant keep pleasin (keep samplin)
i guess everything happens for a reason (shit happens)


[chrunchy black]
i cant call you everyday, i got studio and shows
you always want some money but aint never wrote no flows
you think i gotta put you in all our videos
and every time i buy something you want some c notes
you think you outta quit your job and come and work for me
so you can sit on your ass and get paid for free
so if you sit down and give this shit a little thought
you the one thats actin funny so i cut your water off

[juicy j]
some people hate that project pat and juicy j on the spot
we pay cash for our cars that we push off the lot
back in the say they use to say this rappin shit was a flop
but we done made our mil tickets now they jealous and hot
dont get mad, ghetto niggaz went from rags to riches
straight outta north side high now we stackin and pimpin
i aint forgot about the hood, cause the hood is still in me
i know its all to the good, all together we winnin



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