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like a pimp remix ark sz

[chorus 1 (2x)]
gator boots and the suits is the clothes
like a pimp
keep the money not folded in a roll
like a pimp
when i see you bitch you better have my dough
like a pimp
reach back
like a pimp
slap the hoe

[juicy j]
now i aint don juan with the magic wand wand
but i can break a bitch for the cheese and the funds
i dont have to use a gun or even make the hoe cum
if a nigga go to jail then a bitch make bond
while you shakin that ass in the shake john john
i be sittin in the back rollin big blunt blunts
let me know when you off to collect my money
if a nigga cant get it then a nigga will hunt
cause playas like me dont see nothing funny
bitch better have my motherfucking money
black eyes and bruisin up a face i den done it
to let her know these bonified pimps who run it
she make a g a night but she told me 200
but thats what i get fuckin wit a snow bunny
i told her like this ask that nigga you be callin
police found a body that very next morning

[chorus (2x)]

[pimp c]
smoking on the dro young r-uin
pimpin for my paper and im looking for the chewin
bitch i got to do what the fuck i got to do
sippin pop pills smoke good and bank spru
stupid pussy niggaz acting all brand new
when they get some money thats what fool boys do
i ride in the side get high in the side
grip on the granny get plenty good miles
from them deep suckin hoes with a mouth full of gold
she playin with her nose but she suck a mean hose
i cant even lie like a ghetto ass bitch
is down for her daddy aint scared to break a trick
a yellow ass, switchin fast, suckin while a pristic ass
in the six, breakin bricks, ballin in the fucking mix
pimp c, bitch you cant act like you dont know
get down on your knees like a top notch hoe...hoe...hoe...hoe

[chorus (2x)]

[project pat]
i like to kiss that weak gal moving tongue with the head
kind that have a young nigga sprung out in the bed
kind that make a motherfucker toes curl to his legs
and that tell any motherfucker just what she did
play-a, can you dig, as shell stroke the esophagus
she can beat the stick or big ass hippopotamus
aint no fuss plus her mouth open and dicks in
project pat came to get the cat and im in the benz

[dj paul]
see im a pimp playa, hoes, lay her money make a bitch break her
first take her find me a good worker like a navigator
drop the slut on a corner with nothing but baby wipes
keep that pussy clean and imma see you later on tonight
first i went and got the hoe, then i started to work the hoe
off the whammi got a grammy just the way she brought me though
then she went and bought some more
all i want a block a yo
keep your boy dro, blood, and some drank waitin at the door

[chorus (2x)]

reach back...[5x]
like a pimp
slap the hoe

reach back...[5x]
like a pimp
slap the hoe


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