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late nite tip ark sz

[lord infamous]
let me just take you somewhere secret
gonna cut out of the lights down dim, forget all
about your world
we gonna just flow wit what we feel lets share a
few private thoughts, im not just
out for your sex, let me simp-lify
the things in life that
you find complex, forget what
you heard bout me cause your a
scarecrow groupie but theres no
pressure on you cause you know
what you must do
check this out
lets have a drink
and i give
you time to think
let me puff
this buddah blunt and cut on
this porno bunk here come lounge
here by my side tonight your
my devils bride and theres a
freek deep inside have no shame
no need to hide why do you
keep on blushing get it all
like thugsta she she must be
kinda tipsy on this crystal like a gypsy now i got
her on all fours, bout to break
down the headboard crash this broad
on through the wall now she howlin like a dog swept poor
we hit the floor and dont quit
another one ripped
its just another victim of lord infamous late nite tip

[chorus x2]
im not the type that get involved in long relationships (why)
takin trips and buyin gifts
im sorry im not on that tip (what)
if you want romance
you should just stick who you already with (ok)
if you in that mood you can just hit me on that late nite tip (ooh)

[dj paul]
i done seen
some funny shh since i got in this game
they wants my crib they wants my kisses, all i done gots my fame
i never recall you askin your last boyfriend for nathin
but now they be purple on gold
got ya aggrivatin
(i need a coach bag)
i cant be even doin it
(i need my hair done)
me too, i aint got nothin to do with it
ive been through with it
you and the since the first time you ask and might i add
playas like me cant be savin your ass

[gangsta boo]
i aint with that nonsense
or that lovey dovey mess
feelin kind of huh
i call and all i want is sex
slip on victoria secrets hit the liqour store before it close
call chris so i cant get somethin white to go get up my
now im feelin fine
nothin but sex is on my mind
if you cannot please me boy
then please dont waste all of my time
got you caught up in the mist
mystic girl from triple
late nite tip is all we have
its payin so trick thats it

[chorus x2]

[juicy "j"]
i cant understand why these boss be trippin
cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen
ballin in my lexus dropped low to the ground
just a young playa tryin put my bid in
freeks wanna trick that be constantly payin
not a ghetto thug that be constantly layin
rainbow inn or da summer motel
oh well thats where the juice man stayin
gotta have a lady that wanna do what i do
likes skippinwork or love cuttin high school
servin all the playas in the three 6 mafia
camcorder on skinny dippin in the swimmin pool
never try to argue
bother you or fight
kill a pack of jimmy hand strapped pen real tight
fillin alazey all tall and a budlight
just for your freeks on a moon lite late nite

[koopsta knicca]
tell me three 6 whose that bumpin that music
hypnotizin koop
i tell you who
im bout to lose it
could it be that late night crew tight
just inside the party
always kind of lonely
someone want me, hold me, i say
come here come near come hear
the koopsta cryin tears
i cant think positive
when no one cares of how i feel
relax my mind so tired that i even try to find
i cannot lie though i can ride high late night

[chorus...till fade]


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