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land of the lost ark sz

deep down south in da hood niggas slang
hustlin and game
tryin ta stack some change
land of tha lost full of gangstas n killas
niggas all about they damn scrilla

[gangsta boo]

to start it off im the mutha fuckin lady about her cheese
while u other herman benz out there leavin fo free
kinda quick to tell you what im gonna get and it be true
at the end of the rainbow nigga i thought you knew
cause im sayin all my hustlas dont forgot im on the green
got a pocket full of money not no stones know what i mean?
dont get mad cause yo ass livin broke
fuck that get up off yo lazy ass
get about yo fuckin scratch


im chasin franklin wit my triple 6 thugs
cause we was sinners
i get deeper im still comin up with lint
livin in a tent some trick gotta change
it aint the same
and its plain ta see i aint the same man
beat a bitch, rob a hoe
kick in does from doe ta doe
prophet posse never sloppy
clean you out from roof ta flo
im startin ta stinkin raisin my heartbeat
ta never be rich
rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption

[chorus x2]

[juicy j]

its on! why you shakin whatcha wanna do
i gotta 357 brand new shootin holes through
niggas skulls fool lets get da dope and drop it off
and count them gs and smoke some cheese
it pays to brake the law
my cousin creepin all them graded boys gonna hook us up
to make a grip on that white shit that we dont see or touch
fuck what you talkin about?
we slangin nigga
by any means you wanna stop the team we pull the trigga


red red go away!
cause a nigga wanna play
leave me here
standin to the left
there yo cab
let me wear a breifcase in my situation
so many smilin faces
about tha devil thats in me racin
placin heres a mutha fucka my nigga i tell ya what
when i was in the jail while my killa was in da cut
all because of this is how power,cowering
bustin that i heat up musta been in love
wanna feel me with slugs

[crunchy blac]

its crunchy black crunchy black
on da creep nigga
how you niggas out here gonna laugh and fuckin giggle?
when im gettin bigga and bigga
bigga den a fuckin picture
picture me in yo dreams when im out, ta fuckin getcha
hit ya fo ya dividends and fled from da fuckin case
dont drop no peices so i, want catch a case
make a mistake in dis game and man youll hafta pay
deep in the jail cell or holy cell
never see the day

[chorus x2]


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