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i aint cha friend ark sz

yeah, yall thought that underground shit
wouldnt gon work in ya
for the ouijas of sin is death
for the gift of god is eternal life
through jesus christ our lord
roman 6-23 nigga
read it and weep, biatch

[koopsta knicca]
hit a man bustin up in my door
so i grab my 44
now them bustas on the floor
covered up by pillows
oh no
im lookin for them trizicks
tryin to put a group up in they clizick
im comin up quick
im takin no shots bustin these caps off in these bitches
so why you wanna mess with this
so why you wanna take off this piece
fool im bad to the bone, jone, chrome tech (??) fatality
youll be fled
ill be glad
when i make you hit that grass
i aint showin no mercy
god damn it im bustin that ass
im havin cisions of flesh (??) like that roozer tech
that mess in my head
if the constantly teachin this evil shit
you hear some laughin whose that in the window gaspin
now if you feel me tell me whose that creepin for your head

[gangsta boo]
this goes out to all of you suckas
includin you crossers
includin you bustas
this shit is so fucked up
i cant even trust ya
this lady is tried of you motherfuckers
im bumpin so hard
its like oh my god
gangsta boo is rippin the mic all apart
if your ass wasnt so full of that fart
never would you have tasted me from the start
im trying to tell you hoe
let me tell you bitch
you aint my fuckin friend
prophet entertainment member known as boo
had to tell your ass time and time again
ride with my click
bitch triple 6
is all i need plus my weed and the n-i-n-e
to keep you frilly hoes off of me
come into my face
with that pimpin ass shit
watch you see this gangsta bitch get scandolous
you friendly ass hoes i scratch off my list
i dont need you
dont want you bitch

[crunchy blac]
friends like foes in these hoes
keep on talkin that shit
actin like they bad as fuck
but they ain really talkin bout shit
keep on dissin this click
and we gon hurt one of you tricks
put your body in a ditch
or dig a grave for that shit
dont you ask who like it
crunchy blac did it bitch
keep on talkin all that noise
and ima get big like big business

[chorus x4]
i have to tell these niggas time and time again
bitch i aint your fuckin friend
ill do your ass in

[dj paul]
smiles can be deceivin
even if its your friends
and hoes that know we cant be even steven
should not believe in
too late one of them slip its my foes
you already got my glock to the back of your head
prayers already said
done consider yourself dead
your family and friends might be sayin that i crossed you out
but nigga you was fake from the beginning
so i had to toss you out
friend im no more
i kill all you foes
step in my trunk
and i give it to a stroll back
the hammer release
and leave your chest with holes
all in the club
with that buck ass tube and pot
its kind of hard
you cant beat us
and you cant join us
cause we aint gonna stop if you dont stop

some of the superior astronomical bends
from that of my mystical dreams
of the many scenes
mighty, manipulative, mercilous, multiple murderers
sit back in dangerous
hittin and strippin
and critical injury
misery, seriously witness to the tremory
trajedy, agany, infamy, agany brutal mentality
my voodoo tribe
if you dont want to be fried
put on a feary disguise
lord infamous takn no prisoners
forget the begging, pleading, and the cries
your reservation revalation
a satanic nation
has be prophesized
i can look in your eyes and tell that there is fear
from the eternal burning of each of your lies
flights of headlights
black clothes and limos
another negro startin to decompose
from his casket the scarecrow shall place a bloody black rose
who knows that hate
that goes behind closed doors
with corpses froze in six foot holes
wicked throws
evil flows and torturing of foes

[chorus x4]

yeah, i aint ya fuckin friend
you do your ass in nigga
three 6 mafia comin at your ass for the 9-7 bitch
watch your back niggas
you know who you are motherfucker
that brown shit would (??)


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