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hoes can be like niggas ark sz
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hoes can be like niggas ark sz

im sick and tried of coward bitches taking advantage of me
i told these hoes that i cant go i grip my crown three-eighty
i keep my distance from these bitches cause they are with that shit
aint got no choice these hoes be clicking
lil chat cant fuck with no bitch
id rather kick it by my lonely cause im all that i need
id rather kick it by my lonely cause i dont share my weed
you see most of these niggas
see they do not know
gone call lil chat that come with flow that make you kick in them does
so most of you hoes that be trying to run dope
fuckem hongem by the rope befoe i grab you in a chock
tossing foties hold up shorty niggsa there aint no love
dont give a fuck bout what you say and i dont play with that bud
im hitting a seven on my row cause you cant fuck with a mac
if you fuck up no hesitation im gone go get my gat
i got my block i slang my rocks
im now busting down them streets
that chick so hot my baby daddy got the vest watching me

[chorus 2xs]
hoes can be like niggas
and pull triggas slang
dope up on a curve and
droppin bodies in the river
i said
hoes can be like niggas
and pull triggas slang
dope up on a curve and
droppin bodies in the river playa

my everyday race is different places
yeah im about that chedder
when i got my glock my drank and smoke im guaranteed to feel better
a real true thug ass bumping slugs
aint got no hoe in my blood
these fake ass bitches throwing falses so i show them no love
ol shit tell my why these bitches be bringing me ana
they must dont know where i stay
so strapped on situations i handle
we could be feddy
i be ready to release out these slugs
you pump your nuts its going down
bitch you better be strapped up
hoes you should think before you start
cause once you start im gone finish
i guarantee your so called niggas aint gone want to get in it
cant catch me slipping
you fucked up i keep ny nine in my truck
they call me that phyco bitch thatt leaving you dead on your porch
a bad ass bitch thats making sure
im teaching all hoes a lesson
muthafuck a friend
i dont need no friend
my friend is spimem westin
grab that skee mask off my dresser and that rifle to get ya
just letting you know that im the bitch with no decision but kill ya

[chorus 2xs]


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