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hit a muthafucka ark sz

i bet you wont
hit a motherfucker, hit a motherfucker (bitch)
hit a motherfucker, hit a motherfucker
i bet you wont
push a motherfucker, push a motherfucker (hoe)
push a motherfucker, push a motherfucker
i bet you wont

this aint no game, we bring the pain
so dont you niggas trip
fallin the club with all them thugs
and five extra clips
deep alsways deep is how we come cause we aint no joke
so when you hoes talk all this shit
we gonna cut ya throat
and let you chuck right out the door, the three 6 mafia game
now i was pullin a fucking gun
we out so throw them thangs
dont hit that white
any why the fuck act like you crazy man
we know you niggas just some hoes
you let our nuts hang

and let me crack you mind up
want to get you hypnotized cause you this scarecrow
keep a mystic type of business than we run
you may not cap to the ss
cause we young, my time, my flex
its a futuristic and autistic mega plisto plex
i rack up many shots cuase on my run colegri pop
i make sure they get so wild, they bustin caps right on the spot
all around the planet rock, the ghetto clocks dont stop
my nigga gotta take a deep breathe
a keep blowin till they drop

[chorus x2]

we aint going to stop until some down people die up in the audience
word up, push them to the floor
put your foot in his guts so aple watch them fully trample
shoot a pistol in the air, make it so kit kiddy cant handle
the crowd, the gotta ru rush before a few gonna get crushed
crush crush, we got it buck buck (the three 6)
and when the shows over i want to see (??) nothing but bodies
on the floor and they got no three 6 (surprise)

i heard the streets that a nigga has said, something about that nigga
i think his name was cruchy blac
but i walk up to his house, i knocked upon his door
when he came to the door, i hit him in the mouth
and i knocked him on the floor
then i hit him and hit him somemore
then i told that fucking boy
shouldnt of ran his mouth about of the motherfucking prophet boys
cause the prophet boys be hypnotizing all of yall
ganna tear around your throat and drag you like you want

[chorus x2]

[gangsta boo]
why to styling at my face
why you talks behind my back
hitting you hitting you down when i (??) to attack
never cant be fade
cause this lady roll with right click
now im talking shit
call me misses mobb bitch
smoking automos all you hoes boutin my damn self
never hanging with you skanks
cause im bad for your health
playa haters out you stars pullin cars bout yourself
we be stanking like some fart under sheets, hold your breathe

see i call up then niggas operator tellin me they
was stressed with you up on that house that im hell
looking out there
see you telling always tell who freezys always shells
how she really cares bout her hair
here he thinks he stabbs around a hoe round


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