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gunclaps ark sz

[chorus x3]
gunclaps, we hear the gunclaps
the rowdy gunclaps the bloody gunclaps

[juicy j]
5 a-m in the mornin
nigga heard them tones pumpin like a thousand-five cannons
nigga gettin it on
peep out the window, i was solo flashinin the streets
caught by cops
im tell them bring some extra tape and plenty sheets
right they ass chevy drove by bout seventy shotguns
loaded for your roller
put em straight to sleep
hollow points hit my fuckin window
make you think your through
like its the forth of july
with them niggas spook
i wish the folks would hurry up
i cock my gun back with my thumb
nigga rowdy rowdy like its north memphis, vietnam
as i gotta check to take a look and then fired back
i realized i was out numbered
in a deadly trap

three 6 mafia, prophet posse, killa kaze
with the shotties
leave your chest cavity
stoppin at the autopsy
i slaughter
and i cant help but notice all your pain
when the monsters got that clappin, clappin, clappin
on them thangs man
we hear the gunshots
nigga bang diggy dank
got a shank full of thangs
and it is kind of insane
i scarecrow with mystical styles
niggas are getting buck wild
look at my dirty fouls
bodies are stacked up by pounds
you wanna fuck with me player
first you must say a lil prayer
ask the nigga over there
yeah, that be my preacher there
niggas are all actin (??)
grow up actin now fight
infamous buckin all night
burnin em after a light

[chorus x2]

[crunchy blac]
slip, slide come and take a ride
to my fuckin stash pile
nigga you cant hide
its a mug crunchy got a tug
stuff a nigga in my trunk
told yall niggas what
crunchy aint no fuckin whore
get down on that floor
bitch i want more (more)
bitch now give me more
give me chocolate chunk bitch, i bitch i kill you more
they pay, that pay that five
now bitch i want some more
all i wanna feel
is some motherfuckin rain
let it rain motherfucker, let it rain (gon let it rain)
see you inside by the game that i spit
never ever in your life
can you ever get with this

[dj paul]
hey yo kemosabe
i got hoes smokin weed up in the lobby
cocaine fills my body, like gotti
where the keys to room 2-10
i got thugs with price tage bout to get in
we heard its goin down, tricks about 2 mil
feel, the fuckin prophet posse get ya killed
nigga, we got 40 cals to your face
naad mean
three 6 leave no fuckin trace
it takes more gunshots for these boys to save ya
me and crunchy chunk ya over like white with a razor
several automatics in a blazer
before we bump you off
give me that plate and the lazer

[chorus...till fade]


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