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grab the gauge ark sz

[hook: (4x)]

grab my guage and then erase
grab my guage and then erase
ride up on the street
and put some niggas in the front page

[verse 1: gangsta boo]

naughty naughty motherfuckers get the feelin ah this shit
this shit so funky comes way under nigga grounds are triple 6
im smokin out, im livin large,
i keep you hatas out my face
yo life is over motherfucka, when i grab ahold that guage
my niggas from the three 6 click they keep me hooked up on that game
im chargin niggas daily maybe, lady, is out to get paid
you hoes cant fuck wit me
im flowin, showin, hoes i aint no hata
comin strictly from the south-side gettin greater later
everybody wanna ride for he say she say they say next
you suckas need to grow up out that kiddy shit
quit fakin just cause ah three, six, mafia
coming nine-six, to two g bitch
misses lady gangsta on that weed, chicken rib shit
just to let you know my partner hoe come on the scenery
scenery, filled wid red dots, infra red beams
now where you gon go?
you cant hide your life is over kid,
its time for the killin
cause you have fucked up wid the wrong ass bitch

[hook 4x]

[verse 2: dj paul & juicy j]

[dj paul]
man this nigga kill me
tellin these people that hes about to go nationwide
when he gotta drop his tapes of his self
plus he gotta call kim, to get a ride

[juicy j]
i saw the motherfucka standin out in front ah best
talkin about, bout my tape
the nigga talk about the hard shit on that tape,
knowin he sweet as cake

[dj paul]
the type ah nigga to tell these hoes
thats he about to blow the fuck up
the only blowin up bitch you doin
is when i stick the grenade in your butt

[juicy j]
he say he smokin so many blunts
i cant tell, ooh, hes a liar
i saw you for real,
hit that ill shit,
you female buyer

[dj paul]
juice man i know what you sayin
these hoes be killin me ever so softly,
but little bit a bitch boy know
i be sellin his first cassette or tape offa me

[juicy j]
dont forget about the dope,
you enraged, after you got that page,
from a doctor from the health department
tellin you you are gettin fatal wid aids

[dj paul]
this hoe boy holdin card
was a mad bit than he bought for the two pon it
then he got fucked signed his contract
you bitch boy yous a fuckin dummy

[juicy j]
lookin tryna deal wid big time cars, thieves, put em on dem cds
young nigga youll never sell more than the three 6, bitch please

[hook (4x)]

[verse 3: lord infamous & koopsta]

infamous is comin strapped like an italian arabic
i reckon i wreckin ya south american
killa guerilla colombian muslim or some, loop
maniac, comin to rip your damn head of your neck
put your heart in the back and i spit on yo ashes
and straight to the head for the chief
and the blunt of the indicut down in my stash,
i reside in the insane asylum the bodies i pound em
on infamous island where there is no smilin
the niggas buckwild and the weapons are silenced
theres nothing combine us,
military barbarian buck em and bury em fuck wid the
scarier, insanitarium, popper and carry em,
theres no merry love, only murder blood,
till i take something worst out ah all ah these
hollow points burst and disperse going through
flesh and bone through the back of your shirt
you be burnt up and buried in dirt thatll work,
the scarecrow be smokin these niggas for shit
they cant get wid these bitches theyll never compare,
im comin from the land of triple 6 niggas still
sufferin every day that i swear

[koopsta knicca]

i see them fucking pressin on they brother man,
it happens everyday dont make me grab the guage,
dangerously i play i best to kill wid guage
and put ya body in the back of that grey chevrolet

[hook (til fade)]


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