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ghetto chick ark sz

[chorus: repeat 2x]
i love a ghetto ass chick, break down rings for me
if i would let her shoot, shell count up this cheese for me
its going down like i knew it would
we gon keep on makin money cause this honey is good

[juicy j]
i need a down ass chick, thatll roll wit the clique
for the dope sale, bank robbin, cock it back and buck up on a bitch
kidnap vamp, leave a busters body, in a ditch
take the charge for you, always drinking liquor
stayin lit, when we in the bed, baby girl can ride
like a champ, give a playa head, lickin on my thang
like a stamp, if i had that i wouldnt trade anything
for her she my main girl, main dog, thats my name, paul

[dj paul]
now i cant say that i love her, but i got some love for her
she showed me, she was bout a haul before i really knowed her
i schooled her bout them glocks, i schooled her bout them rocks
i told her how to hold a spot when i was off the block
she kept it hot, as soon as i stepped in the house she had my money spot
plus a dro blunt rolled up with a syrup lollipop
the hood tried to holler everyday but it aint nothin
she down with the king but i still love a ghetto ass chick


[crunchy black]
this one here for the old lady but not dissin this time
this for when you took the charge when i commited the crime
i was out there super high playin mister crash dummy
you put up all my money, didnt take nothing from me
always found your boy a lawyer when i caught me a case
paid all my fines and kept up with my court dates
and even though i gave you hell with all these other lil broads
you always came and made my bail when i broke the law
the only one thats reliable the one thats dependable
keep you by my side these other fools is suspendable
i aint forgot when i was out there hurt for some cash
you never mind takin your last, on out the stash
always tried to give me the last up out your purse
always tried to get my ass to go on and go to church
i couldnt pay you back even if i had to
hard on these fools but ill never be to hard on you

[chorus - 2x]


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