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drive by ark sz

hit the weed
pass the dough
maskem face
hide the yo
ride on up
not too fast
point the guns
kill yo ass

[1st verse]
im a north memphis nigga
my nigga to my last days
and when im dead and im gone let the blunts blaze
see lifting weights in the pen got me toned up
but fuck the signs
if ya step i hold my chrome up
dont give a fuck
bout them niggas that you hangin wit
im rollin up
let this tech start sangin bitch
i never quit til you violators take a nap
pop in yo car
blew yo brains in yo potnahs lap
i know ya strapped
but you cowards like to play hard
but knowing that you dont wanna catch
a murder charge
see niggas like to get full of dat weed and liquor
you snort a line in yo mind
now youse a killa
so pull the trigger so
we can let the dice roll
dem hollow tips in yo shitll leave a nice hole
its project pat on the track wit the dope cookin
and where im from
grown men dont take no ass whoopins


[2nd verse]
not only weak niggas like to start bullshitta
but in the street couple hollow points will hit ya
im watching out for you ones that are sheisty
im low on cheese so i might pull a heisty
i know you punk motherfuckers wanna test me
because yo bitch like to bow down and bless me
dont give a damn get yo mama house shot up
and have her stiff like some crack thats been rocked
you fucked up and now you gotta pay the cost
cause youse a hoe
and im the motherfucking boss
automatic when i aim you say bye-bye
yo family sad you got killed in a drive-by
and to you ones that be talking all that yang,yang
what you gon do
when that thangs in ya face man
its project pat wit that 12 guage strapped yall
i blow yo chest out yo motherfucking back dawg

pat starts talking over chorus til end


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