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dont trust em ark sz

what what [x10]

[(chorus) x4]
my nigga told me once dont you trust them motherfuckers
they act like they your thugs but they phoney motherfuckers

you trust no you trust no fucking bitch
cuz if you trust a fucking bitch you be in the ditch
oh no you let a hoe
set you up and now its time to let these hoes know its go
you kick inz they door you lay them on the floor
you put the gun to they motherfucking forehead bro
is it fucking come
is it fucking go
i kill a hoe like i kill a fucking nigga bro
i thought you fucking knew you fucking with the six
you fuck with us we put your body in a fucking ditch
bitch you done fucked around with the clique
click a motherfuckers gun sound bitch
we dont trust no hoe
we dont trust no man
we got our own fucking thing dont you understand
now how the fuck the hoes think they taken something
you take nothing you only taken the fucking drama


how could you betray your folk
haters like you should be smoked
killed wrapped in plastic body bags cuz your?
trick we coming after ya
death is looking drastical
strapped up spectacular
then suck blood like dracula
best make sure you havent said
never hide the evidence
use to be my nigga now im rampaging your residence
pay my dues down the juice
stealing what?
cuz you? back in middle school
what happened to blazing bags
hanging out and skipping class
now you in the? position bitch you wanna blast
hating us supieror
murder your ass now meeting the criteria
aint no use in being shamed
blood on your mirror frame
and that was provided from my? a nigga to the brain
im deranged born crazed
shimmey to the turning lane
couldnt drop this nigga so i took his ass to the game


ash to ash
dust to dust
how many motherfuckers that i cant trust
i cant trust suckers
i cant trust suckers
and i sure cant trust that nigga that be riding in that back trunk
and i cant trust my gal
cuz my gal she snitch
and i cant trust that bitch
cuz a bitch is a bitch
and i cant trust that nigga that i use to hang with
cuz that nigga i use to hang with hell flow like a bitch
and i cant trust chuck
cuz chuck hear what
have me walking round here singing shookey like dookey
and i cant trust my?
bust out my window and i?
all over my car
nigga you know who i am
rat tat tat is my level
pushing bodies in bags
bodies in bag and have your ass walking the procession
fuck with me my nigga putting bodies in bag



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