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die a soldier ark sz


[chorus-dj paul-(8x)]
id rather die a soldier
than nigga live a coward

[lord infamous]
bullets are spittin alright
i will let the metal slide
im layin wit late at nite
the hindus state you will die
i know you lay petrified
cause infamous set you right
wit shotguns and falsty knives
that blow you clear out of sight
youre wit all your might
your conscious is stayin by
you all in that sacrifice
im going off ignified
the rope round yo neck is tight
you pop out your fuckin knives
and that way youll never cry,never cry

now nigga how you gonna act like
you didnt fuck up
so accept the fact
how many times youve been warned
its murder when ya fuck wit chat
dont need your sorrow or your pity
shouldve thought before you did it
ash to ash and dust to dust
yall rest in space
you know chat when a motherfucker run on up
yeah youse a great bitch
just letting you know got thoughts of red
oh,no remorse i buck you down wit da.44
never see my cowards
i got too much pride to let it ride
my nigga its whatever
we can buck it out til?


[project pat]
comin like a duck a
you know i came for trouble
some thug wit the crosser
hollow let a bust a
the hood for da money
comin from a junkie
yo nose kinda runny
you feel like a mummy
yo car gets a crummy
but mines gettin phatter
yo lips gettin black a
to me it dont matter
ya pay whatch owe a
pla-ya fashoa
true mentality of a ghetto soldier

dont never get next to me
although platinum thuggin is my pedigree
i calculate my weapons,to killin is my recipe
bless it be my militant memphis when in jeapordy
testin me i blast him in the opens like sesame
west it be a much bigger man than what they measure me
my mother and my rifle are my only 2 treacheries
best believe a singular shot you plead heavily
never breathe i guess a casket was his destiny


[crunchy black]
i got a problem
money dividends gotta solveem
i heard you niggas they out to rob man
i cant letem get me bro
i cant letem get me
no i gotta stand ten toes
i gotta keep a strap on me
i gotta make sure no phone dead catch me cornered
out here on that streetlife
id rather die a soldier than a coward any night

[gangsta boo]
how you wanna do it
how you wanna take it
you gon wake up naked in the bed wit satan
shakin,wakin up and shit
bitch i betcha when the tech be pointed at ya
maybe you will catch a fuckin bullet
never pistol platin never bent
bitch id rather be soldier than a coward any day
bitch id rather smoke a hydro watch my cash flow
call me gangsta,gangsta never fuck me thank ya
if you aint no man,wit no cheese and some niggas who
knew me

[mc mack]
cm mack contemplating,waiting for another bitch to
im sippin on the verve
thats where i stay try wit those pistol grips
i never ever come up short
when its time to jack a rudypoo
just place the thangs up to his brain
[gunshot sounds]
bitch,im mc mack,i close yo shop
trick you done found out
id rather go out like soldoer
then even fuck off wit you cowards
come up on me,run up on me
nigga like you got some anna
play that role like you so buck
and kamikaze gonna find ya
they better remind ya

kamikaze start nigga
why nigga
dont play me nigga
i dont give fuck nigga
test if you wanna nigga
slugs gonna hit ya nigga
leave you in a gutter nigga
police aint gon find me nigga
cause im long gone nogga
shouldve listen to me nigga
told ya im a testin nigga
we gon leave you dead nigga
called on by the scanman
we be like whatever nigga
whoop ya kaizie style nigga
if you want us come get us
come bring it to the camp nigga

hypnotize c-a-m-p posse-[4x]


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