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da first date ark sz

(tastes good, tastes good, tastes good)
[man:] so whats up with you right now?
[girl:] what you mean whats up with me? whats up with you?
[man:] im trying to find out what you want to do
[girl:] i think i need to go home chill out, relax
[man:] i think you need to go with me and lay down and relax with me
[girl:] naw its too early for that
[man:] too early? i been thinking about it for a long time
[girl:] but i just met you i dont do that...on the first date
[man:] been with a man you should have been doing it girl, whats wrong with
[girl:] whats wrong with you? you aint getting none

[dj paul]
the shit started off real well
real swell the bitch was talking lovely
she got me scooping her from the crib say around 8:30
itll be my first time hitting this bitch i gotta work
i call me nigga big l for about two ounces to serve
i jumped in some kinda fresh smelling like is it me?
im thinking i know im anxious this bitch is beeping me
this one right here is too wheezy im damn near scared of that
but ima let you boys know when i take care of that
im pulling up to the crib lights out
i hit her nextel celli tell her to come on out
stepping out of the crib sexy looking bad as hell
im knowing goddamn well im bout to get in that tail
so we pulled out first stop j&s liquor store
dont you play no games young boy you know thats where i gotta go
she talking about going back to my crib but that aint trying to happen
i changed the subject poured another cup and i kept on yapping
jumped on the title of six hoping the hoe peeps game
hickeys all over her neck so i know she got a man
im coming out can we fuck? im on my period
bitch the lies
so i dropped the trick off at the first stop sign
and ima holla hoe

my conversates
im trying to fuck on the first date
weaving all on that oil but still you hesitate
im wasting time with this funk ass bitch
riding round with this drunk ass bitch
hoe let it bump

[juicy j]
chicken chicken
dont be tripping
when im bout to spit this pimping
stacking cheese and counting up easy cause you know im into winning
heard your niggas like a pigeon
punk ass faggotts always switching
see that lexus that he ride in
i got that strapped on my wristn
come on hoe and stop the fronting
keep my dick from jumping jumping
take a shot of fifths and liquor
but i cant be buying nothing
where im from i cant be saying
cause im just to cheap for paying
cant be hanging drinking drinking
with this guru what a behavior (moan)
bout to ball the troops to college
watching haters ow they be falling
looking for the freaky freakys
that be chewing the dick and swallowing
we can take a shortn riding
through the cut to reach your housing
we can ride down to the river
while you work on using your mouthn
everybody know you going
bet you probably saying oh non
then im gonna teach you lessons
stranglin all to death and rowing
and your sister know she with it
cause she let me nigga hit it
then she get the licking licking
then she have to pay to quit it


[lord infamous]
bitch i dont wanna just hold hands
and listen to slow jams
im not with that romance
or candle light slow dance
hoe why dont you take a chance?
aint like you aint fucked before
come out those tight ass pants
stop thinking that i wont call no more
dont listen to the rumors that lord will school ya and slide
you wanna wine and dine
but dont wanna bump and grind
theres plenty hoes that wanna bone
so next time we dont get it on
the next time you phone
you gets a dial tone bitch

[koopsta knicca]
theres many bitches thats fine as fuck
tell me how many dicks that they done sucked? (say what?)
them pretty bitches that like to suck
no telling, tell me how many niggas they done fucked? (say what?)
one to the honey bitch over in the corner
two to the bitch on the porch
take em to the bathroom
dick them in the fucking moon
make em til their toes rub on this side fuck
what the fuck you want though?
could it be my back room door wide open
naw you know thatd make me mad
the cheese in my pocket please for the head on the dash
koopsta knicca sleeping on the bitch on the weekend weekend


[dj paul:]
hoe get up out my shit!
ugly bitch i aint wanna fuck your little stanking ass anyway bitch
only reason i man motherfucking
man took your motherfucking ass and babysitted you all night bitch
cause my nigga was trying to fuck you
motherfucking dike ass greedy little ugly drunk
stanking breath ass bitch
cigarette smoking ass hoe
get the fuck up out my car bitch!
(tastes good, tastes good, tastes good...)


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