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big mouth, big talk ark sz

[chorus 4x]
whats up, big mouth, big talk, big game
teacher pet, taking aim, pump the tech, im taiking aim

[pastor troy]
triple six 99 a bitch but fuck it
creep up on them pussy niggaz hit the lights and the button
dont you love it shit pastor troy dsgb
i represent it with my nigga from what (tennessee)
the enemy of the state im keeping nothing but weight
i top grind on these niggaz quit actin like its straight
and niggaz fake but i tell them niggaz fuck yall
i dump your pussy ass and flip it with my nigga paul
who can you conversation you see me pacing
and you can run and run but ill be waiting
and you can bet i represent it for the southeast
until death on the motherfucking beat triple six

[chorus 4x]

[pastor troy]
i started rolling at the early age i heard it paid
so i made an investment, all my money was spent on buying drugs
and giving hugs to broads checking for bud
because im dodging the law
i never saw and may i kept a kind the rest was raw
i had a proper ass (?)
i stole the show i didnt know id be judged
thats on the low and pastor troy praise god
cause i concealed and my intentions to spill who ever will
please step up and be killed
dont think im real just to show that blood is red
aint no way till you finished just 16 shots in ya head
yall scared

[chorus 4x]

in the land of atl, run shelves, crack sells for clientele
brutally your head swell all who oppose get sent to hell
midrange make ways to stay paid with aks
sin folks reload or enter heavy scapeways
we probably get robberies wit 12 gauge technology
so i kill blood spill i show no local modesty
drop em g pay a fee doing combat killing enemies
shot heads with infa reds so much death fuck a injury
i specialize and funeralize all the guys my clique despise
full clip busted in between your eyes symbolize that its surely mine
when i bust my shells hoe leave you stuck like velcro
throwing blows and elbows them tie that trick to the railroads
bruise the bitch then shoot the trick now whos the snitch to get crucifixed
clips and shit be super thick to inform you we aint new to this
blaze weed my tendencies bury mcs with jealousy
assign to kill and steel i keep pastor preaches eulogy


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