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baby mama ark sz

[chorus: juicy j + lachat]
[juicy j] its my baby mama (yeanknow) i want child support
she get welfare checks, but i stay in court
its my baby mama (yeanknow) she be ridin cady
and she always lookin for sugar daddies
[lachat] its my baby daddy (yeanknow) he be always broke
and he aint no good nothin, but a joke
its my baby daddy (yeanknow) he just love to have it
he be cheatin on me thats why i cant stand em

[verse 1: juicy j]
man this freak has got me stressin in the court i must confessin
playas try to get that checkin hoopa hickeys on yo neckin
in that jail i cant be stayin and my gs you cant be cakin
child support can burn like torch when you get behind yo payment
hurr they go you send em letters then they wanna come and get cha
probably shoulda used a jimmy probably shoulda neva met her
why you wanna try and impress me?
always lyin tryna caress me

all these so-called ballas want me boy im styled you know im sexy
im lachat you see im swole got you waitin at a tole
betta come break me off a fee keep yo girl on yo bankrole
see me switchin blowin out kisses dudes dont know what they be missin
im the type of girl you need keep some cookin in the kitchen
bake yo biscuits up from scratch get chu sprung off my cat
but chu betta take care yo kids juvenile court is where its at
where its at?
yeanknow? cheese is missin yean show
and that freak you shackin wit she too nice im mean though


[verse 2: dj paul]
its dj p and brothas be out we just tryin to be dawgs
but its ok aint nann hoe gon stop the way that we walk
we kickin dis off in them dose and when its on they gon run
and please believe when we come we gon come like a nut cum
down and dirty in these streets, rough and rugged on these freaks
ridin cady automatic man we got to keep that heat
keep that heat for them streets cuz man these streets be watchin me
memphis, tenn. kick the chains and playas gotta kick the crease
the vision 2 juvenile court is where they had yo boy
monthly payments i gotta pay, but i keep comin short
now that im payin child support and these courts got me runnin mayn
spendin nights with these otha freaks house and all my dawgs mayn
warrents for yo boy arrest got me sweatin from the stress
gettin drunk and high all night bout to drive me to that white
mayn if these boys want me they gon really have to find me
messin off with these scally wag hoes they so grimey


[verse 3: lachat]
why you playin?
boy yo baby need some shoes, boy yo baby need some clothes
need to try and pay yo fees, why you out hurr playin these hoes?
aint no more for me and you, but this what they gotta do
with the seed we have concieved dont you know hes part of you?
i dont wanna hurr yo mess talk to me bout givin checks
put a judge up in my business what i want is what i get
shoulda knownd it from the jump all that talk was just a front
now you payin for that lyin see yo ass in court next month

[juicy j]
pay you cheese ill give you quarters ill just wait for court to order
mexico is where youll find me somewhere round the fuckin border
hangin with the finest women, walkin wit a gansta limpin
drinkin on a case of dp, goody green you know we wit it
i done hustled worth a job and broke some back there wasnt no stoppin
you dun did the clubbin hoppin and them pills you kept on poppin
now i see why you be freakin now i know why you be geekin
if you wanna give me reason catch me in that playa season



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