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azz & tittiez ark sz

"say ahh, not a thermometer, bitch,
its the nine inches" -- [kingpin skinny pimp]

[chorus: repeat 4x]

ass and titties, ass and titties
ass and titties, and big booty bitches

[dj paul]
you dealing with a thug thats quick to kick the diamond roly (rolex)
dont pay attention to these boyfriends cause i leave em holy
them boys fake maggets i done put they girl up in my rover
put the black quote em quote em face and took her to cardova
jacuzzi bubbily drinking bubbily hoes they cant believe
my tv built up in the wall like they dont want to leave
there doing there best tryng to impress they sticking out there chest
paul go some booty? and nothing less

[juicy j]
a nigga got to get his dick sucked got to get his dick sucked
riding down the strip in the lexus truck poppin hush
pearly rolex on my wrist haters bout to have a fit
dip frpm the curb i hit a case of mo im bout to sip
lit to the hydo green blinging on them twenty thangs
heavy niggaz dropping weight while juicy j be running trains
whats the business strictly pimping all them freaks i know they miss me
when they throw a players ball tell em that your boy gon win it

[chorus 4x]

[la chat]
im in the club im looking around i see you checkin me out
im on that gin looking for a friend to put my ass in his mouth
aint no doubt la chat got plenty yeah i know that you scoping
got to be a baller or shot caller or im taking shaking and jumping
dont touch me trick you cant afford to put your hands on my ass
im too damn sexy keep thses niggaz begging droping off game
you in my ear you talking tough now can you handle me really
i got the scoop on what you doing with them asses and titties
now nigga yeah im with it boo corress and holding me tight
uh uh uh uh you cant forget to fo your job late at night
that cheese and chedar make it better no this bitch is not home
no conversation without that drink and dank and plenty to smoke
la chat the mack aint got no problems shit i love win you spending
the number rule is break these rules i teach a lot about pimping
so get it straight i aint to have you im pretty yo ditty
i be the bitch that make you niggaz hate these ass and titties

[chorus 4x]

lil momma got big tatta up in the club
she been shaking and shaking it up she showed me love
big butt, dirty sock it baby
wanna be my lady girl please you must be crazy
this aint the eightys im a sucka for your black fit
split skirt holla holla for that dolla dolla
for what its worth im a step to this fine fucker
i think i love her im a touch her with that ratitatat motherfucker
hug in public know you love it got me coming when you rub it
damn my stomach i can feel it going duh duh duh
look here honey i cant play no games lights go down when a freak ashamed
hit me up star 69 and then maybe will have sexual ways
but i pray that this night of lust wont lead to a girl that i cant trust
shit young nigga post up in the club want to go strut your funky stuff
but i do love the ladys cause they stay looking pretty
while they shaking breaking it and taking it
baby baby shake your ass and titties

[chorus 4x]


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