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skyward ark sz

this reminds me when they shot him dead
dont go out of this place is what he said
saw a movie, i finally cried
you sent me skyward, skyward

sick people asking how much i had
the world flashes,
christians slide into hell
what ive got is bad
but when im high its worse
she sent me skyward, skyward

(i say one day i feel my [...] what for)
every dream [smells] just like before
(i say one day im feeling just like before)
you should have [had] my things like
just like before
(i say one day im feeling [...])
one day ive got to step back
and see where to start
you sent me skyward, skyward

you took your heart with you safe as mine (?)
(take away and give no more)
time after time ive broached desire (?)
(take away and give no more)
those parties trade off any year (?)
(take away and give no more)
she won me skyward, skyward
skyward, skyward


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