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misery ark sz

here comes the misery, yeah yeah
coming back to make me pay, yeah yeah
i wanted you haunting me, but not just yet
give the memories time to blossom into regret

you come to my house, i dont know what youre talking about
i owe you nothing, i owe you nothing, you say you need friends or something
just shut up, im feeling guilty, get away from me im thinking
no way this again

you come and stand and face me, youre betrayed
like i should say something or ask you to stay
and now youre gonna go all girlie on me
you always left me wanting, now i want you to leave

you can talk about the things that you say you left behind
while you lead me down dark alleys in the ghettos of your mind
youve got that look on your face, that i could never comprehend

fuck you waste my time
and tell me that youre broken hearted now
a long way back to where youve been
you cry alone, martyrs alone

here comes the misery, yeah yeah
coming back to make me pay, once again
i wanted you haunting me, but not just yet
you better go before i do something i regret

you can run, call the cops, cry your eyes out, give them the lot
you can say i marked your face, but you do these things to yourself anyway
i can never be with you, this is over, this is over, this is over
hey, hey, hey


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