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innocent x ark sz

is this real or is it a dream?
i cant seem to tell the difference any more
caught between needing and the need to be real
your open arms gaping like a busted sore

i turn and burn my back like a rack
your tourniquet twists me, dangerous red
i breath in the air, its pavement grey
it shrinks my skin and ive done nothing wrong

i drop to my knees, i work my skin
i feel this life pumping right through me
love and death die on the dirty floor
your upturned face doesnt even see

this is all ill ever have
its cos i dont know what i want
but somethings inside, somethings inside
somethings inside, but ive done nothing wrong

theyll make a film
ask me the question
i have the pleasure

my voice is nothing
my thoughts are nothing
in many respects im like you

ive done nothing wrong


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